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Nav Jagriti
Add: Sikati
Anjani, Parsa
Saran - 841219
Tel : 91-612-2550783
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Jitendra Kumar
Purpose : Flood and water logging issue.
Aim/Objective/Mission : To help blind, old and dependable persons.
To promote welfare activity for the helpless.
To establish centers for immunization, first aid and common health check-up.
To form groups of men, women, farmers, and artisans and arrange credit facility for them in the form of loan, grant or revolving fund.
To find out and promote talented youths involved in cultural activities in development perspectives.
To provide employment through the stitching, embroidery and appliqué work mainly among the rural women.
To do relief work during flood, fire, epidemic, drought etc.,
To promote cultural activities and preserve the culture and tradition of the society.
To provide equal opportunities for poor men, women and unemployed youth for gainful employment.
To develop infrastructure facilities like water logged drainage, sanitation, road and safe drinking water and low cost house in the village.
To raise the level of the village people by running nfe and adult education centers.
To motivate people to work for solving water logged problems.
To involve village women in herbal promotion.
To develop self-help group.
To work for over all development of the poor people.
Nav Jagriti mission is to capacitate and empower women in particular and poor people in general to fight for their rights and get them organized to fight for the issue of water logging. It also aims to bring the better living opportunities and basic amenities for the general mass in the flood prone and water logged area.

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